Overseers of the Poor Accounts Book 1830 – 1836

These are the final entries in the final book:

After this date there are no more payments by the Overseers of the Poor of Milton Abbas. Poor people then had to use the Workhouse which had been set up in Blandford Forum – one of the much feared ‘Union Workhouses’, which had been brought about by an Act of Parliament.

A huge thanks to the single handed effort of our transcriber from Canada. The sigh of relief on completing the transcription of 8611 records into a spreadsheet, was audible from across the Atlantic Ocean. He is now taking a very well earned break.

Our members can now search for the names of people in Milton Abbas, whether they were Overseers, Justices, Poor Rate payers, paupers, or the occasionally ill or out of work.

A magnificent achievement, and a legacy of the Milton Abbas Local History Group for future generations of researchers and family historians.

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  1. belvoirangel says:

    Brilliant piece of work!


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