Jobs to do


Milton Abbas Local History Group

Jobs to do

We have a very long list of tasks in order to achieve our objectives.

I use Wunderlist to organise tasks. I have found it the most flexible task management and organisational tool that is FREE. Much more useful than Google Keep, for example.

We have Land Tax Assessments from 1780 – 1832. Each is one page with about 20 names, and needs transcribing so that we can see the continuity or otherwise of the tenancy in this critical period of the move of the town.

We have large scale maps and plans of 1652, 1770, 1806, 1852, 1902 and today with names of fields, roads and tracks. It would be great if we could get the information off these maps into a database or GIS so that we can find places which are referred to in documents such as the Quarter Sessions Order Books.