Fast Books

In the Milton Abbas Churchwardens Accounts 1676 – 1689 and 1729 – 1777 there occurs several payments for ‘fast books’. These were paid on 31 Jan 1673, 18 Jan 1756, 15 Apr 1756, 15 Feb 1757 and 10 Feb 1759. Always for 1s.

This is a very rare mention and there are few other examples:

  1. in the CW accounts of Dorchester 26 July 1690, 1s.,
  2. in the CW accounts of Tyneham Jan 1758 1s.
  3. Edenbridge, Kent, 1740 ‘Prayer books for ye fast Day 2s. 6d.’
  4. Edenbridge, 1746 ‘To Mr Brone the parator for a fast book and other prayer book 6s. 6d.’

We cannot find any reference in religious literature or history for what these were used for.

Answers please here