Aims and Objectives

cropped-malhg-logo.jpgMilton Abbas Local History Group

We review our progress towards our Aims and Objectives at our annual AGM in October.

Aims and Objectives – November 2013

To investigate and record the history of the people, buildings and landscape within the Milton Abbas parish.


  1. To define the current and historical Parish boundaries of Milton Abbas
  2. To identify and source historical information already produced
  3. To record sources and produce a bibliography of information on the Parish of Milton Abbas, its people, places, institutions and communities.
  4. To identify historical elements not yet researched and try and ‘fill in the gaps’
  5. To publish any new research undertaken and make available to the parishioners of Milton Abbas and the general public
  6. To record the oral history and personal experiences of Milton Abbas residents
  7. To exhibit findings, oral history accounts and research results