cropped-malhg-logo.jpgMilton Abbas Local History Group


Old Town of Middleton Project

World War 1 Project

Boundaries, roads and tracks – photographing, recording and mapping. using GIS.

Buildings – photographing, recording and cataloguing.


Family Reconstitution.

Landscape – Capability Brown.

Lloyd George Domesday – 1910 Assessment

Finding, digitizing and cataloguing documents, postcards, memories, maps and books.

Manors of Milton Abbey – King Athelstan’s Grant of lands 934, and as in Domesday 1086.

Milton Abbas in the 1950’s. We have just had a presentation from one of our members on his family’s memories of the 1950’s using his archive of photographs. Now we would like to add to this knowledge by researching the available records such as newspaper articles, 1939 Register, electoral roll, Kelly’s 1939, sales particulars, etc. Together with oral histories, this would make a great addition to our history.

Oral History – collect from those who spent their childhood in Milton Abbas.

Overseers of the Poor Books 1771 – 1836.

Transcribing historic documents such as leases, wills, administrations, Overseers and Churchwarden’s books.

Photogrammetry survey of St Catherine’s Chapel, the Abbey, Abbot’s Hall and the 1498 screen.

Geophyscial survey of the site of the Old Town and St Catherine’s Chapel.

Contact metal detectorists.