Milton Abbas

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Milton Abbas

A little village with a BIG history

The monastery of “Middletun” was founded in 934 by King Athelstan, and was granted estates all over Dorset.

The town grew up south of the monastery and flourished to become the crossroads of Dorset (the London to Exeter road came through here).
There was a weekly market which paid the second largest subsidy of any town in Dorset.

There were two annual fairs where people from all over Dorset came to trade, find partners and find work.

Hard to believe now!

All this changed when Joseph Damer, Lord Milton decided with Capability Brown to create a new landscape which did not include the old Town. This was pulled down in the 1770s, and new cottages erected for his estate workers in the next valley out of sight. This became the village you see today. This was the largest such project in England at the time.

For more on our research into this move see our Old Town Project page.

Milton Abbas