About Us

Milton Abbas Local History Group

We are an active and enthusiastic group who are researching the history of this amazing place. Our aim is to build a complete history of Milton Abbas from 934 to the present day. Some ambition, but great FUN finding new things and exploring documents.
We need to reach as wide an audience as possible to help us in this. See our Get Involved page.

We have a blog on this site, a regular monthly write up published in local media, a monthly Newsletter for members, monthly meetings, exhibitions, visits, and a promotional leaflet.

We differ to many other local history societies in Dorset because we are actively researching the history of our village. Our meetings are taken up by presenting the results of our members findings.

We give presentations to other groups in Dorset on either the history of Milton Abbas or our particular methodologies of research. If you would like a talk from us then please contact us. We can provide our own projector.

Our logo above is taken from the rebus of Abbot William Middleton. The town of Middletun in Anglo-Saxon times refers to the fact that it was the centre of Dorset. It was also the hub of the road network and a very important place in the Dorset economy. The rebus shows a mill on a tun (i.e. large barrel). or “Milton”. The Abbey and town were known by both Middleton and Milton during the Middle Ages.