Names in the Liberty and Manor of Milton Abbas 1754

This is an important document because it is the only one of the Manor of Milton Abbas wich survives after the 15th century.

The names mentioned in this document are important people in the Old Town of Milton Abbas. There is much more information in the document, if you wish to know more then contact us here.

Joseph LeggBaillif
John HarveyConstable
Josiah VacherConstable
Andrew WhiteTithingman
Willam ElfordAssizor of Bread and Beer
Joseph HewitAssizor of Bread and Beer
Richard HamViewer of Flesh
John BraggJury
William WoodJury
Joseph Clark seniorJury
John ClarkJury
William WoolfryJury
Richard Ham juniorJury
William KatesJury
William VacherJury
John WoolridgeJury
Henry WhinnellJury
John OxfordJury
James HamJury
James DrakeJury
Henry Barns seniorJury
John Bond Esquire for Mustonfree holder
Richard Cobb Vicar of Whitchurchfree holder
John Cooper Vicar of Milbourne Saint Andrewfree holder
John March Rector of Burlestonfree holder
William Fourds(?)
Christian Gover
John Clark
Robert Roper
Mistress Woolridge
Richard Vacher
John Arnold
Widow Harvey
Henry Barns the Younger
Benjamin Smart
John Hewit the Younger
John Courtney
Elizabeth Rogers
francis Lovell
George Lillington the Younger
Hugh Capon(?)
John Welsteed
James Cross
John Holland
Samuel Fiander
Master Marsh
Thomas Whiffin
Master Abbott
Ann Cross
Judith Norriss
Roger WoolfryAssessor
John DavisAssessor