Exhibition St James’ Church 27 July 2019

Whether or not you’ve seen the BBC programme ‘Pubs, Ponds and Power – The Story of a Village’, come along to our exhibition and immerse yourself in the lives of the ordinary people of 18 th Century Milton Abbas who had their world turned upside down when the Lord of the Manor destroyed their homes, their businesses and their lives so he could have a park. We will be telling the story of Milton Abbas, from its destruction of the old town to the building of the new village you see today, and what happened to the people who lived there.

The exhibition is being held in the South Aisle of St. James Church, Milton Abbas at the same time as the Street Fair, 11 am – 5 pm on Saturday 27 th July. There will be original documents from the 18 th Century on display, the research that uncovered the story and if you missed the BBC programme we will be running that as well.

So if you would like some peace and quiet away from the bustle of the Street Fair and find out how one person could destroy the lives of so many then please come along and visit us, we look forward to telling you what we have found out.

Entry to this exhibition will be free, but visitors will need to pay at the entry gates for the great event of the Street Fair