Gayle, Gail, Gaill, Gale, Gayl or Gaile Money

In the Churchwarden’s Accounts 1729 – 1777 there is an annual payment variously spelled ‘Gayle, Gail, Gaill, Gale, Gayl or Gaile’ money. Similar payments also occur in the Overseers of the Poor Books – 1771 – 1798. Neither Churchwardens or Overseers used any system of spelling at this time – they wrote as they heard.

On some occasions this was paid to ‘the constable’. It is clearly paid near Quarter days, but not every quarter. It was £3 12s 6d on every occurrence. Was it only paid when there was someone from Milton Abbas Parish in gaol?

We presume that this was for a a gaol or jail somewhere. There was no gaol in Milton Abbas.

Was there a constable and a jail for each hundred in the 18th Century?

How were the payments by each parish calculated?

Answers please here.