Records of Service Men

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PLEASE NOTE: This is an ongoing project and as such the information it contains will be continually updated as new evidence comes to light.



Bamlett, Thomas A Dorset Yeomanry 1093 & C of Hus. 230414
Barter, Ernest Edward 201969 Pte., ¼ Dorsets
Barter, Thomas George (1)59065 RGA
Blackmore, Ernest George 93058, RFC, RAF
Bolt, Albert Charles 48535 Wilts – This information is not confirmed
Bolt, William On Royal Yatch
Bow(e)ring, Albert George 1918– 43923 Gnr., 80th Coy., R.G.A. S/28170, A.S.C

1920 – 1410345 Gnr, R.G.A. (additional details on Absent Voters List shows 80th Coy.,B/2 S.A.R.B.)

Bow(e)ring, John Thomas 10486, 5th Bn., Dorsetshire Regiment. Died 9-8-1915 aged 23 (born 1892)
Bow(e)ring, William 5718735 Pte., 2nd Dorsets
Buckland, Alfred S/28170, A.S.C. S/7390 Cpl., R.A.S.C.
Bunt, Alfred William No information found so far
Butt, Ernest James 10877, Dorset Infantry
Butt, Harry (Henry) 10816, 5th, Dorsets
Butt, William ?26067 Dorsets
Burt, William George 8328, 2/Dorset R.
Cheney, Walter 15369, 2nd Dor Bat. Died 13-3-1916 aged 21
Churchill, Frank TR/8/28598, Hampshire Reg. Died 8-12-1918 aged 18. 52nd Garrison Bn. Son of John and Elizabeth Churchill of MA
Churchill, Frederick James 19074, 1st Dorsets
Churchill, George 128223 (pte), 182nd Labour Coy., Labour Corps
Churchill, Joseph No information found so far
Churchill, Mark 12624, 5th Bn., Dor. Died 21-8-1915 aged 18. Son of John & Elisabeth Churchill
Churchill, Victor Charles 10707, 5th Bn., Dor. Died 22-8-1915
Churchill, Walter (William) James 189140, 383rd (H.S.) Labour Coy., Labour Corps
Clarke, Harry 242042 Pte., 438th Ag. Coy., Labour Corps. CYCLIST
Coombs, Henry James 40090, 7th Bn., Leicestershire Reg. Died 14-10-1916
Davis, Edwin George H.M.S. “Rocket”, K31490
Davis, Herbert Wyndham Clement 458797 Pte., 609th Ag. Coy., Labour Corps
Derrick, Austen Charles 12886, Pte., 5th Dorsets Down as having Trench Foot & Frost Bite
Diment, Robert James 10936, 5th Dorset (service) Bat. (‘A’ Coy) Died 25-4-1915 aged 22
Domi(o)ney, George Herbert, 20 ‘R WAR R’ shown on Medal Index Card
Drake, George 36887, 13th Devon Regt
Duffett, Samuel Charles M.G.C. 3551, Dorset R., 61522, MGC
Dundas, Han ? C No information found so far
Durey, Reginald M/347824, 1020th Coy., (M.T.) A.S.C.
Evans, Reginald Douglas 239994, A/C., R.A.F
Evans, Walter Cecil 200925 Pte., Dorsets. Blacksmith. Records also show 2639 4th Dorset Rgt & 64650 Suffolks
Fiander, Arthur F 5th Dorset 10955 Pte.
Fiander, L J D 18195 Private 5th Bn. Dorsetshire Rgt. Died 29-11-1917 aged 32
Fiander, John – now believed to be William John 12599, 5th Dorset (service) Bat. CAN’T FIND ON GWGC may be duplicate of above but Service numbers don’t match
Fookes, George No information found. May be duplicate of below
Fookes, Gordon George Australian
Frizzell, Harry Edward St Clair 4818, Hampshire & 6778 (or 6780, or 7384 – Militia number), Royal Garrison Artillery. (seems to have married in Hampshire in 1914). We think this man enlisted under the 4818 service number with the Hampshire regiment in 1896 and the pension records are from this period. Discharged medically unfit in 1901
Gale, John 10856 Pte., 2nd Dorsets.
Gale, Wilfred Henry R.F.A. ?Gnr 130150?
Greswell, Eric Walter RAF Died 9-6-1918 aged 22. 111th Sqdn & 8th Bn. Cheshire Reg. Son of Rev. Walter & Katherine Georgiana Gresswell of MA. Native of Marthall, Cheshire
Hall, Douglas No information found so far
Hall, Frank 406959 B. Sqdn., R.A.F., also 5th Dorset, Cycling & RFC then RAF
Hallet, Henry James (also shown as HULLET on one record 2011637 A.B., H.M.S. “Benbow”. Pension No. H20166. Was at Jutland
Hambro, Captain Angus No researched yet
Hambro, Charles Not researched yet
Hambro, Olaf Not researched yet
Hanham, Samuel from Long Close 01157 Cpl. In Dorsets
Hansford, G. Corporal – Delcombe Farm but can’t find anything else
Hansford, Richard 13882 Pte., 10th Devons.
Harmer, Sidney 22211 Pte., 1st Ox. & Bucks L.I.
Homer, Harry George 3/7422, Dorsetshire Regiment (Children born in Milton Abbas)
Homer, (Walter) Thomas John 10647, 5th Dorset (service) Bat. Listed as HORNER (miss transcribed, but service number correct)
Howard, Arthur Frank 204318 Pte., 2nd Bedfords. Also 3832 for Dorsets
Hunt, Frederick George,(Delcombe) S/10535 Pte., R.A.O.C. On Absent Voters List in spring 1920 shows no. 13221 Pte. 2nd Hants
James, George Frederick 10408, 5th Dorset (service) Bat. Also Dorset Pte 3832
James, Walter Joseph Dvr., R.E. 15969, R War R.
Joyce, Reginald, Eli 2329, Devonshire Regiment
Kiddle, Everard John 10400, 6th Dorset Bat.
Lacey, Bert No information found so far
Lacey, Charles No information found so far
Lane, John (jun.) 212341 Gnr., 527th Hy. Bty., R.F.A. (age in 1919 37)
Legg, Charles No information found so far
Lovell, Edgar Frank **There is a SB record showing Royal Army Medical Corp. Reg. No. 30520 but cannot confirm if right man
Lovell, Harry 13221 Pte., 2nd Dorsets 5718302 L/Cpl., 1st Dorsets
Lovell, (Zenas) John 212341, RFA Gunneer
Lovell, Robert No information found so far
Marsh, Charles Frederick R.F.A. ?223650
Marsh, Walter Ernest 5th Dorsets
Marsh, William Frank 29710, 2nd Bat. Hampshire Regt.
Marshallsay, George 12776, Dorsetshire Regiment
Martin, Ernest 123201, 214th Coy., Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)
Mills, William Francis J/16538 A.B., H.M.S. “Vivid”
Mitchell, Osmond 120680 Gnr. 289th Sge. Bty., Royal.Garrison Artillery. Also Labour Corp. No. 679723.
Newberry, Frank 37775 Pte., 24th M.G.C.
Obourne, Herbert 24122, 1st Dorset Bat.
Perrott, Randolph 89511, 29th Coy., M.G.C.
Perrott, William **3294 on Medical Record if right man
Reade, Cecil Arthur 9th W. Yorks. No 20026, also corporal
Reade, Edgar Gordon (C) R.G.A. (hand written is 116736 Gnr) – now proved correct
Rendall, Bert(ie) (Delcombe) 5328760 Pte., 1st Royal Berks (details on AVL Spring 1920 shows no. 61461 Pte., 52nd Warwicks) (details taken from AVL for Spring & Autumn 1921)
Rolls, Harry 213466 .A.M.2, R.A.F. 73466, RNAS
Rolls, Frederick John Pte., 311th (H.S) Wks. Coy., Labour Corps 172143, RE
Shutler, George James Vincent 34430 A.-L. Cpl., R. Berks
Tizzard, William Benjamin Silver Badge record shows Army Service Corp T4/091066 but not confirmed if right man
Toms, William George 15281 Pte., 2nd Dorsets 5718345 Pte., Dorsets
Treasure, Charles Edward 37619, Royal Army Service Corps then 60935 Machine Gun Corps
Udell, Edward Frank 6th Dorsets. 27186 is shown on Medal Index Card if correct man
Udell, Harold George No information found yet
Vacher, Charles 49270 Cpl., Sigl. S., Royal Engineers.
Vacher, Frederick 266814 2nd/4th Bn. Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry. Also 4651
Wellman, Charles Henry R.A.F. 227116 – RNAC
Wellman, Philip George M/279561 Cpl., (M.T.) A.S.C. (? M2/077824)
Whiffen, Thomas George 231230, 7th Hussars (Queen’s Own), Dorset Yeomanry Queen’s Own, Corp of Hussars.
Wilkins, Henry Frank 15467 Coldstream Guards, 13th coy
Willis, Ernest Frederick (?WILLS) 10488, 5th Bn., Dorsetshire Regiment
Wright, George 286457, Pte., Labour Corp
Wright, William M.G.C. Cavalry (hand written on Absent Voters List is 96175. 17th 10 Cavalry Brigade. ADDITIONAL IS: P.A. Egypt) 2290, Dorset Yeomanry
Wrixon, Harold Joseph 1302 Dorset Yeomanry Queen’s Own
Willis, Ernest Frederick 10488, 5th Bn., Dorsetshire Regiment