Is there history in your attic, garden or fields, sheds or barns?

On 23-25 May 2020, Milton Abbas Local History Group will be holding a free entry exhibition in St James Church and the Reading Rooms, Milton Abbas, featuring village life before the 20th century. We are looking for any objects or documents that may be of interest and that you are willing to lend or share with us.

We are looking for anything that might be of historical interest, that we could show to visitors. These could feature any crafts or trades of the times gone by, e.g. old woodworking, smithing, plumbing, shoemaking tools, Dorset buttons, gloves, lace, etc. Or village school related items. It might be something that has been dug up from your garden or found in your attic, ploughed up in a field, metal detected, or old letters and documents. You may have even researched a local family. Even fragments of old pottery can be interesting. We already have a spinning wheel, a floorboard with writing on the back, wig curlers, quill and inkpot, kindling, and brewery items. 

If you have anything that you think might fit the bill and you are willing to lend, or allow us to photograph, please Contact us

And please put the 23-25 May 2020 in your diary. We look forward to meeting you at the Milton Abbas Local History Group Exhibition.

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