Overseers of the Poor 1778

OoP p71 Crovining the grave

This entry is mystifying us. It seems to say “Paid the Expences of Crovining and Buring Burgundeys Child she had by John Hobbes £0 16s 7d”

There is no such word as “Crovining” in the full Oxford English Dictionary.

If the author meant “Crowning” why did he put a distinct dot over the “w”?

If he meant “Crowning” – what does that mean? “Crowning and burying an illegitimate child”?

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2 Responses to Overseers of the Poor 1778

  1. jimella says:

    Even without the dot it still does not look like a “w” to me. It could be “crouining”, but as far as I know that isn’t a word either.

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  2. I don’t think we will ever know what the Overseer meant.
    “crouning” does not occur in the OED. I have even used wildcards to search, but the only possibility is “crowning”, and there is no such expression as “crowning and burying”

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