Milton Abbas Grammar School 1521 – 1929

This famous and early grammar school was founded by Abbot Walter Myddelton who endowed the school with land at Little Mayne Farm. There was sufficient income to make it a free school for local people. The trustees of the school were the nobility of Dorset.

One of our transcribers is working on the leases which the trustees made with tenants to farm Little Mayne. These show that the trustees were diligent and did not neglect their duties during the 18th century, despite the claims of the Lord of the Manor, Joseph Damer, Lord Milton, who was trying to move the school off his land.

In a lease of 1754 which has just been transcribed the trustees are well known Dorset names:

  • Sir Gerald Napier of More Crichel
  • Sir William Hanham of Deans Court
  • George Chafin of Chettle
  • John Bankes of Kingston Hall
  • Robert Browne of Frampton
  •  Richard Bingham of Melcombe Bingham
  • Charles Brune of Plumber
  • Edward Berkeley of Winfrith Newburgh
  • Thomas Gundrey of Dewlish

We have more leases to transcribe. If you interested in helping us please get in touch here.

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