The Milton Abbas Pendant

This article is from the Dorset Museum, thanks to them for allowing us to publish it.

They are coordinating the fund raising effort to achieve the £10 000 required to get this unique and interesting object to the Dorset Museum for all to see, and they are well on the way to achieving this target, and there are only a few hundred pounds donations left to go.

This pendant is so important to the history of Milton Abbas because of the general lack of evidence of Anglo-Saxon occupation – we know they were here – there is a Benedictine abbey to prove it, but very little else. It is archaeologically important – if it came from an Anglo-Saxon grave that could result in excavation and maybe further information

We hope members of the Milton Abbas Local History Group and other local people can do some fund raising to achieve this.

Please contact us here if you can help with our fundraising efforts.

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