Changing views of ‘Justice’

Our Old Town Project group have been busy researching our rural Dorset village over the past few years. We have found out the things that you won’t find in the history books – forget mad King George and his profligate and dissolute son, find out how the vast majority of people lived and worked and struggled for justice. Why were six MIlton Abbas men sentenced to two months hard labour by the notorious James Frampton, 30 years before he sentenced the Tolpuddle Martyrs? What had they done, and how did they break the law? This is such an important part of our nation’s culture and heritage that the story of the Milton Abbas Martyrs should be more widely known and appreciated.

Come and find out more at our major new exhibition 28 – 30 August in the Reading Rooms and St James Church Milton Abbas.

We can’t wait to share our research with you!

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