New information revealed

We are working our way through transcribing the Surveyors of the Highways records that we have in our possession. They show both the people paying the poor rates and their assessment, and the accounts which give the names of the labourers being paid and how much. This is important information because it comes before the first Census of 1841 for Milton Abbas.

We have completed the rate book for Milton Abbas 1837 (our ref #496). This shows the names of those paying poor rates:

The Honorable H Damer
The Revd L Masterman
Thomas Fox Esq
George Roberts
Robert Ingram
Samuel Jerrard
George Tett
John Keynes
Robert Rogers
Jacob Webber
James Wallis
Robert Miller
John Ham
Mariah Hawkins
David Bertie
John Jacobb
William Jeaffery
John Masey
Fanny Dyer
John Jukes
Robert Lovell
Jonathan Morey
Revd T Tyrwhitt
William Smith
Lititia Spinney
Richard Bellamy
Thomas Caddy
John Keynes
John Ham
Elizabeth Bellamy
John Cross
Elizabeth Woodward

These are the wealthy people of Milton Abbas. If you have any of these people in your family tree then please contact us for more information. We would love to hear from you.

There will be a list of the labourer’s names coming soon. And a long list of those who were too poor to pay the rates! Then there will be a list of the poor who were being paid for mending the roads for a little as 6d per day. Poor indeed.

There will be more information about the ag labs of Milton Abbas at our forthcoming exhibition 28 – 30 August in Milton Abbas. Looking forward to seeing you there and discussing your ancestors.

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