The National Archives free downloads

TNA are providing free downloads of some of their digitised documents. These are mostly probates of wills. These were previously £3.50.

Go to their website to find out more. The downloads are pdf.

We have taken advantage of this to download all the wills concerning people from Milton Abbas. We found about 30 that we had not downloaded previously. These are currently being transcribed. They date from 1638 to 1851.

We would welcome any help in transcribing these – something to do during lockdown!

Other documents are available, particularly Admiralty records.

List of wills downloaded from TNA:

Will of The Honorable Henry Dawson Damer of Milton Abbey31 Aug 1841
Will of Mary Jarvis18 Feb 1784
Will of John Gover, Mariner of Milton Abbey, Dorset3 Jan 1709
Will of Elijah Leach, late Servant of Milton Abbey , Dorset26 Jan 1837
Will of John Butler, Yeoman of Milton Abbey, Dorset20 Feb 1666
Frederick Cross . Age: 19 years 2 months. Place of birth: Milton Abbey
Will of Robert Welsted of Milton Tregonwell, Dorset9 Apr 1567
Will of Joseph Damer of Roscrea , Tipperary11 Feb 1743
Reginald John Sprules, b 5 Feb 1905, Milton Abbas
Certificate for House of Margery Pooke set aside for Dissenting Protestants15 Jul 1707
Seal of John Bradley, Abbot of Milton1530
Petitioners: Abbot and convent of Milton. Addressees: King1347
Will of Ann Bridge, Widow of Abby Milton, Dorset23 May 1825
Will of Elizabeth Squib or Squibe, Widow of Middleton, Dorset16 Jun 1604
Will of Richard Squybbe, Yeoman of Middleton, Dorset8 Oct 1580
Will of Jane George, Spinster of Abbey Milton13 Dec 1853
Will of James Dyer, Plumber, of Abbey Milton8 Apr 1824
Will of Benjamin Smart, Barber of MA Dorset12 May 1806
Will of Andrewe Lanckford, Yeoman of Milton Abbas, Dorset5 Sep 1639
Will of Symon Alner, Weaver of Milton Abbas, Dorset20 Nov 1640
Sentence of Samuel Adams of Milton Abbas , Dorset30 June 1748
Will of William Wood, Tailor of Milton Abbas , Dorset20 May 1763
Will of Henry Jeanes, Collar Maker of Milton Abbas, Dorset14 July 1641
Will of Sarah Elford, Spinster of Milton Abbas , Dorset20 Aug 1851
Will of Letitia Spinney, Widow of Milton Abbas , Dorset15 Jun 1848
Will of Mary Woodard, Widow of Milton Abbas , Dorset3 Aug 1840
Will of William Kiddle of Milton Abbas , Dorset25 May 1835
Will of Samuel Adams, Yeoman of Milton Abbas, Dorset14 Jul 1748
Will of Henry Shepheard, Husbandman of Milton Abbas, Dorset18 Oct 1638
Sentence of Francis Sheparde or Sheppard of Milton Abbas, Dorset19 Feb 1591
Will of John Almond, Tailor of Milton Abbas, Dorset3 Sep 1639
Will of John Shepheard or Shephard, Husbandman of Milton Abbas, Dorset17 Sep 1640
Will of John Sheaperd or Sheperd, Baker of Milton Abbas, Dorset18 Oct 1638
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