Charter of bounds between Middelton and Helton, 1319

The Milton Abbey Priory Archive is a roll of parchment in the Dorset History Centre which contains twenty separate documents all written in Medieval Latin. The first document is the Metes and Bounds of Milton Abbas with Woolland, dated 1384/5. This was translated by Peter Traskey and is given as Appendix XII, in his book ‘Milton Abbey: A Dorset Monastery in the Middle Ages’, 1978.

The second document in the roll is a charter of the bounds between Milton Abbas and Hilton, dated 1319. This arose over a dispute between the Abbot of Milton and the Abbot of Abbotsbury (who held Hilton at the time). It begins:


Omnibus evident appareat quod cum quedam contencio mota esset inter Benedictum [de Loders, 1297-1320] Abbatem de…

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