Where would we be without our transcribers? Answer – a very long way to go. Thanks to everyone who has helped us. We have had help from people in New Zealand, Australia, England, Canada and the USA. A worldwide effort indeed!

We have been trying to think (never an easy task) of how to honour our transcribers. They certainly deserve a medal.

Now I believe we have done most of the work, but there are still about 50 wills and administrations and a few court cases still to do, mostly of the 18th century.

Transcribing such old records, many of which have not been seen since they were written two hundred or more years ago, is very rewarding. It is an intellectual challenge, and requires diligence, perseverance and patience.

So if any of our viewers would like to help, especially those with ancestors from Milton Abbas, then please get in touch here. You will certainly learn something of the social history of a rural English village, and share with others in our excitement and discovery

Nearly there!

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