Scutt Family

Scutt family

This photo was given to us by Sybil Brown.

She is compiling a biography of her aunt, Margaret Alice Scutt, whose third novel has recently been published posthumously. She was born in October 1905 and baptised that December in Weymouth, where her father, Tom Albert Scutt, was Schoolmaster at St. John’s.

His next post was at Milton Abbas Village School, which Margaret attended in due course.

Geoffrey Tom Scutt, and the younger sister, Lorna May, were born at Milton.

At the moment, we cannot be sure when the family moved to Milton.  Kelly’s Directory of  1911 gives: “Elementary School (mixed). with teacher’s residence attached, built in 1840, for 150 children; average attendance 83 ; Tom A. Scutt, master”. The previous edition of 1907 gives the head mistress as Sarah Annie Clark.

There are no Scutt’s in Milton Abbas in the previous edition of 1907, the head mistress is given as Sarah Annie Clark.

The photo shows Margaret Minnie, with baby Lorna in her arms and the other two children standing outside Milton Abbas School House, 1912.

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