The Tragic Tale of Ann Seager

We are transcribing the Overseers of the Poor Book  1771 – 1798. Thanks to John Quinn who transcribed these entries for 1777:

12 October Paid for one Pint of gine for Ann Seager

9 Nov Pd. Dockter Mock help taping Ann Seager

Pd. for Brandey for Ann Seager to wett the cloaths and Bandig when Taped 

Pd. for Cadle and Bandey for ann Seager

Pd. for 3 gurneys to Blandford hors and man for Ann Seager

Pd. Ann Seagers Furnel charges

There are many more tragic stories in this Overseers Book as well as an insight into the history of a rural village undergoing a profound change.

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