Kelly’s Directory of 1848


Bertie, David, ‘Portarlington Arms‘, & farmer

Cadie, Thomas, carpenter & wheelwrgt

Calnes Christopher, farmer

Eaton, Henry, tailor

Frizle, Thomas, carrier

Formidge John, farmer

Guy, James, blacksmith

Ham, John, farmer

Hawkins, Mill Maria, shopkeeper

|Hopkins Samuel, tailor

Ingram Robert, farmer

Jacob John, carpenter & wheelwright

Jeffery Wm. beer retailer & shopkeeper

Jerrard Samuel, farmer

Keynes John, farmer

Keynes Thomas, butcher

Kiddle John, shopkeeper

Longman, Thomas plumber

Miller Michae1, farmer

Morey Mrs. Frances, shopkeeper. & beer retailer

Mitchell James, blacksmith

Morey James? mason

Morey, Jonathan, shopkeeper

Rogers John, farmer

Rogers Joseph. Shoemaker & shopkeeper

Sanders Thomas, blacksmith

Smith, Mrs Harriet, shopkeeper

Tett John, farmer

Tuffln Jolm,shoemaker. & post office

Warne Charles, brewer

Webber Jacob, millet

POST OFFICE.-John Puffin, receiver. Letters are received (through the Blandford office, delivered at ½ past 8 a.m. Box closes at 4p.m.

CARRIER.-Thomas Frizle, every tues. &. thurs to Blandford, & wed. & sat. to Dorchester.

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