Overseers of the Poor – Paupers House

Overseers, Pauper House, 146, 1786-03

This is the first piece of evidence for a Pauper’s House in the new village of Milton Abbas. From the Overseers of the Poor book page dated April 1786. This is in addition of course to the Almshouses for “6 poor widows” which had been moved brick by brick from the old town to the new.

“Paid 1 Years Rent for the Houses in the New Town where the paupers reside and particulars agreed at a Vestry Meeting 4 Oct 1784 £9 9s 4d.”

This annual rent was of course paid to Joseph Damer, Lord Milton, who had the new village built out of his sight. We have a picture of these houses which were next to the building which is now the Hambro Arms. This is on the front cover of Chris Fookes’ Guide Book.

Thanks to Chris Wood for the transcription.

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