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The only remaining evidence of the Anglo-Saxons at Milton Abbas is this stump of a market cross. It has no display board pointing out its importance to the history of the community. It is sad to see such a lack of interest in a once thriving town.

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  1. Michael Brinkworth says:

    Back in the 1950s the Milton Abbey School archaeology group did a small dig around this artefact. A few feet below were cobbles. At the time no one seemed interested. The group was inspired by the historic buildings excavations at the East end of the Abbey Church led by a Doctor Gee.

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    • Thank you for that piece of information. We did know that the school had done some excavation but not where. I don’t suppose anyone thought to photograph this? I don’t think it is mentioned in David Baggaley’s book “The First Forty Years”, and not by Peter Traskey either.

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      • C.Michael Brinkworth says:

        This was I think about 1956/7. Commander Hodgkinson, the headmaster encouraged us. We also dug in a trench left by the Historic Buildings Commission just outside the Abbott’s Hall towards the East end of theChurch. There was a large covered drain construction in this trench.

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