Exhibition 16 – 17 Sep 2017, Reading Rooms, Milton Abbas

We are planning our exhibition for September. This will show some of the history we have discovered in the past year.

The exhibition will be free to enter for residents of Milton Abbas and our history group members. It is our chance to engage with the community and show what can be achieved.

This will probably include some extracts from the Churchwardens Accounts 1771 – 1780 which are being transcribed. These show how a rural village reflects the changes which were taking place nationally, including the devastation of diseases such as smallpox, and the methods used to control them, and the enormous costs involved. we also know how much individual rate payers were paying and how much was spent in each poor person.

More Churchwardens Books will be transcribed by then and we can be sure there will be more interesting happenings in 17th century Milton Abbas

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