Answers to the quiz at our exhibition 28 – 30 August 2021

Guess the object

1 lanthorn – the window has a piece of horn to let the light from the candle through
2 shovel for turning over malted barley
3 prodder for sheep dipping – to immerse the sheep completely in a sheep dip. There was a sheep dip on the Milborne Brook just to the south of the lake
4 bucket retriever from well – a special tool for retrieving buckets which fell into the well. NOT a grappling iron for boarding ships!
5 branding iron for wood – too big and unwieldy for cattle, probably for barrels. The mark is that of the rebus of Milton – a mill over a ‘tun’, i.e. barrel
6 rain water collector – these were a familiar item on high status houses. Never on a cob and thatch cottage. Some can still be found on houses today.

Thank you for taking part.

We hope you enjoyed our exhibition